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DIY Magic Beads (10 Colors)
DIY Magic Beads (10 Colors)
DIY Magic Beads (10 Colors)
DIY Magic Beads (10 Colors)
DIY Magic Beads (10 Colors)
DIY Magic Beads (10 Colors)
DIY Magic Beads (10 Colors)

DIY Magic Beads (10 Colors)

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Stimulate your child's color sensitivity and perception.

DIY Magic Beads are not only toys, it can stimulate your child's color sensitivity,  perception and most importantly their creativity. Kids are allow to create any forms of little objects by using the magic beadsJust spray and wait, then the beads will automatically paste together. Safe and non-toxic, 100% comply with toy safety standards. Contain bitter agent, prevent children from chewing and swallowing. 


  • Unique technical materials, automatically paste with water
  • Safe and non-toxic, 100% comply with toy safety standards
  • Colorful, rich and varied, guide children to identify the color
  • Enhance sensory sensitivity in the brain, eyes, hands and coordination skills
  • Can make pendant, mobile phone case, pen holder, animals, gifts to send friends


  • Flat Pattern
  1. Choose the right magic beads pattern or DIY design, choose the right color ready to start making.
  2. The magic beads in accordance with the pattern on the color, shape, a row of good.
  3. Spray after the completion of the water, wait for the very gently removed.
  4. After removing the drying ten minutes more solid, good finished products can let children play with the random.
  • Three-Dimensional Pattern
  1. The magic beads in accordance with the patterns on the color, shape, a row of good.
  2. After the completion of spray water, wait for 10 minutes after gently remove, and then drying for 10 minutes.
  3. Put the two flat pattern together and fasten them together.
  4. Good finished products can let children play with the random.

This toy has no age limit, but has unlimited creative space, can form a comprehensive brain activity of children's creativity and imagination,Children can create works according to their own wishes, but also cultivate the child's ability, coordination, the ability to cooperate with small movements, the ability to recognize the color and three-dimensional way of thinking.
Can make pendant, mobile phone case, pen holder, animals, gifts to send friends etc.


  1. The production of three-dimensional pattern, the two flat together directly to each other, can not buckle, not to consolidate the shape of the second water jet.
  2. The product should not spray too much water when spraying.
  3. Younger children must be used under the supervision of their parents to prevent the child from chewing or tearing the beads.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Packing: Transparent Plastic Box
  • Suitable Age: 3+


  • 1 Box X DIY Magic Beads(1000PCS / 2000PCS / 3000PCS)


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